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We support our customers' commitment to environmental management. Cutting-edge technologies developed in plant engineering take you one step ahead.

Sinto offers a variety of environmental preservation technologies, such as air pollution control, harmful and odorous gas treatment, wastewater treatment, noise and vibration control, waste disposal, and recycling. Sinto also offers innovative systems that are engineered to combine production efficiency with environmental measures, energy conservation, and space reduction. Our state-of-the-art technologies are proven to contribute to environmental improvement in diverse industries.

Worker safety and health, global environmental preservation

Solid-Gas Separation (Dust Collection)

Clean plant environments and clean climate conditions can be made by collecting exhaust gases throughout the plant, dust, mist, and fumes generated by production processes.

Exhaust Gas Purification ‒ "Deo Thermo"

We offer systems that combine high performance decomposition of VOC and organic-based odorous components (decomposed at 95-99%) with CO2 reduction through high efficiency and effective use of energy.

Supporting the creation of comfortable climate conditions by control at the source

Solid-Gas Separation (General-Purpose Dust Collection)

Our original multi-filter unit removes large volumes of fumes and odors generated in the laser marking process.

Human and environmentally friendly casting


Advanced technology used for vacuum hoods ensure that the fumes produced during manufacturing have a minimal effect on the workers in the plant and on the environment.

Sophisticated water treatment systems conforming to tight water quality regulations

Wastewater Treatment Systems

Sinto offers sophisticated water treatment systems conforming to increasingly tight water quality regulations. A broad range of water treatment technologies is available to not only handle the cleaning of various types of industrial wastewater but also to reduce the volume and to recycle wastewater that is produced.

Product Lineup

Dust Collector

Exhaust Gas Purifier (for decomposing and removing VOCs and bad smells)

Wastewater Treatment Equipment

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