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Innovative foundry technologies that pave the way to a new era.

Sinto's strength lies in the total engineering of not only various types of equipment for every plant process, from sand treatment to finishing, but also of environmental equipment, centering on a wide-ranging lineup of molding machines.

In order to support the global operations of our customers, we deliver foundry services throughout our global network - Japan, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and in many other countries.

Plant Engineering

We offer total engineering of foundry plants comprising of all kinds of equipment, beginning with our lineup of molding machines that embody our latest and original technologies, along with sand preparation, pouring and finishing equipment.

Green Sand Molding

This is the specialty for which Sinto possesses the most comprehensive know-how and practical experience. The latest and highest-grade technologies in the world, such as Aeration technology, are adopted in our wide variety of molding machines.

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Tight-flask Molding

We have high-capacity models with a molding capacity of up to 250 molds/hr, large-flask size models for flask sizes up to 2500 x 1500mm, and other kinds of tight-flask molding units to meet your manufacturing needs.

Flaskless Molding

We offer optimum flaskless molding machines which can be adapted to your specific production output needs: compact models at reasonable prices, 2-station or 4-station models ideal for sand molds with many cores, high-speed molding models, etc.

V-Process Molding

Our V-Process molding machines utilize vacuum suction of sand sealed by a plastic film. Our molding technology is used world-wide for high-quality casting at reduced production cost.

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Molding Line

We support the engineering of reliable molding lines with high-quality molds.

Product Lineup


Aeration Tight-flask Molding Machine

Seiatsu Tight-flask Molding Machine

Aeration Flaskless Molding Machine


Sand Recovery

Sand Cooling

Sand Properties Control




Tilting Gravity Die Casting

Low Pressure Die Casting


Shot Blasting

Blasting Abrasives


Dust Collector

Exhaust Gas Purification System

Hoods for Fumes

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