Other Applications

Sinto's other technologies help businesses evolve.


Further expansion of mechatronization based on engineering technologies

Sinto offers a total package of mechatronics solutions including pressing capabilities with servo control as its core, along with upstream/downstream conveyance and handling.

Product Lineup

Electric actuators



Conveyor lifters


Achieving safer manufacturing

Safer driving and smoother rides in automobiles: the durability and functionality of auto parts increases every day. We bring into the market advanced inspection and measuring devices and engineering systems incorporating high-speed handling, high-precision positioning technologies, and image processing to meet the needs of the industry.

Product Lineup

Temperature-specific characteristics inspection system

Automatic sorting machine for chip inspection

Auto parts evaluation system

Power module tester

Powder Material Handling

Expanded application to environmental and energy-saving industries

Dust generated in manufacturing processes for steel, secondary cells, and solar cells is recycled by implementing technologies, such as granulation, mixing and mulling, pneumatic conveyance, and dust collection. Sinto makes possible the recycling of dust from steel and iron manufacturing, as well as the highly accurate mixing of powder materials for battery manufacturing.

Product Lineup

Roll pressure granulators


Pneumatic conveyors

Strong roll kneaders

Mix Mullers

Precise Measurement

From a microscopic to a nanoscopic world

In the face of a technological sea of change in the electronics field that has grown to encompass both the very large and very small, a new world of measurement is being birthed to match.


Precision XY Stage Technology

Laser Measurement Technology

Image Processing Technology

Optical Technology

Material Handling

Sinto provides the optimal flow of incoming and outgoing goods

Various kinds of conveyors, scissor lifts, original conveyance systems, and clean systems which fully use Sinto's mechatronics technology have been commercialized as a result of pursuing a new creative vertical and horizontal point-to-point connection. Sinto offers optimal solutions for your material handling needs with the know-how cultivated from long years in the industry.

Product Lineup


Scissor lifts

Handling robot

Cleanroom robot

Clean exchanger


Complete production of large-size ceramics of more than 2m length, from
raw material to ultra-precision processing

Sinto's ceramics engineering has removed the hurdles to making possible high-precision processing of ceramic parts and processing of ceramic parts with complex shapes. By applying our know-how cultivated in our foundry technology, Sinto is now engaged in manufacturing structural ceramics of large sizes and irregular shapes, from procurement to finishing of raw materials.

Product Lineup

Structural ceramic parts

Straightness measuring unit

Straight ruler (straight edge)

Square Master

Ceramics 3D printing