Union Ductile Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

When I saw FDNX for the first time, I was very impressed with its features and the way it looks.

Producing mainly power line filters and pulleys used for agriculture

At a branch site in Thailand, Union Ductile Co., Ltd. produces parts for power line filters and parts for agriculture pulleys. They have recently acquired Sinto's Ti-AMS (Automatic Mold Handling System).

Reason for purchasing Sinto's Ti-AMS (Automatic Mold Handling System)

The moment Mr. Wirote laid eyes on Sinto's flaskless molding machine at a trade exhibition in Beijing, China, it left a deep impression. "I was very impressed with the machine's features and the way it looks," he recalls, "and I thought it would be a good selection for me in the future."

He would come back to the Sinto name years later. "Sinto has a long history in the industry and is famous worldwide, so when I was considering which brand's machine to purchase, Sinto's name came up on top."

Mr. Wirote did further research to learn more about Sinto, and all of the answers he got were the same that Sinto is the best maker in Japan, so he looked no further - he decided on the Ti-AMS (Automatic Mold Handling System).

Hopes for Sinto in helping to maintain Thailand's position as number one in ASEAN

Mr. Wirote believes in Thailand's future as an industry leader. "When talking about the ASEAN Economic Community or the Southeast Asian region, I strongly believe that Thailand is second to none in terms of capability and stability of the foundry industry." But he explains that maintaining that top position depends on being able to get the latest technological support from makers like Thai Sinto.
"I hope that Sinto will continue playing this important role in providing the latest technology from the parent company in Japan and setting up seminars, giving out lectures, presentations, and advice to Thai local foundries like us." He says that will be the key to keeping Thailand number one in ASEAN – not just in the foundry industry but as a leading country overall.

Company Profile

Union Ductile Co., Ltd.
Number of Employees: 
Parts for power line filters and agriculture pulleys
Sinto machine: 
Ti-AMS (Automatic Mold Handling System)

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