Aviation Industry

Sinto contributes to attaining and maintaining the aviation industry's strict quality and reliability standards, helping to support the safety of airplanes that are entrusted with human life and resources all over the world.

Explore below to see how Sinto contributes to the aviation industry.

Shot peening improves fatigue strength and stress corrosion crack resistance of engine parts and aircraft gear, including fan blades, wind frames, and landing flapper cylinders.

Surface Treatment ≫

Surface roughening pretreatment before thermal spraying, plating or coating of engine parts and aircraft panels allows for a longer lasting, higher quality finish.

Surface Treatment ≫

Deburring of turbine nozzles, blades, airframe clips, joints and bolts reduces the coefficient of friction and improves smooth operation and flight quality.

Surface Treatment ≫

Chamfering and edge finishing after cutting ensures that engine discs fit and work together smoothly.

Surface Treatment ≫

Surface treatment of engine blades, discs and shafts allows for the removal of film, scale and lost wax before fluorescent penetrant testing.

Surface Treatment ≫

Sinto also contributes to tests for durability and vibration with its simulator drive units, as well as inspection and maintenance processes with dependable lift equipment.

Other Applications ≫

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