Die casting

From car parts to electronics, die cast products are used in the objects all around us. Sinto contributes to the various manufacturing processes for die cast products. Explore below to see how Sinto’s technology is used in the die cast industry.

Die casting
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Environment »

Sinto’s dust collectors eliminate dust generated by furnaces and collect oil mist from die cast machines.

Foundry »

Surface optimization technology for die casting molds contributes to reduced molding defects in the die casting process and longer life of molds.

Surface Treatment »

Through our surface treatment technology, we contribute to increased quality and value of die cast products, such as deburring of die cast parts, elimination of flow marks and heat cracks, and optimal surface roughness.

Surface Treatment »

Our equipment collapses blow holes at the surface by injecting shot against them to prevent oil, etc. from leaking under pressure. This does not use water and therefore has a lower impact on the environment than the impregnation process.

New Challenges »

Electric presses provide high-precision press fitting for parts during the assembly process, contributing to increased precision of press-fitting depth and decreased rate of defects.