Iron & Steel

Sinto offers production equipment and technology to respond to a wide variety of steel production and finishing needs.

Iron Bridge

Sinto provides a wide array of surface treatment solutions for improving the quality of steel:

  • Preventing surface corrosion of thick plates
  • Improving the slickness of steel surfaces
  • Descaling raw wires and drawn wires and bars
  • Improving corrosion resistance of welded steel pipes
  • Preventing surface defects for billet slabs
  • Improving the wear resistance of high-chromium cast iron and steel
  • Reducing the process time for steel through descaling before acid cleaning

and more!

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Sinto is committed to recycling valuable resources and protecting workers and the environment during iron and steel manufacturing.

  • Granulator recycling systems to collect valuable metals from iron and steel dust and sludge, turning fine ores and steel dust into ferrous resources
  • High-power dust collectors with easy maintenance and custom specifications to meet the customers’ needs
  • Dust collectors suitable for collecting fumes from welding, laser cutting, plasma arc machining, etc.
  • General-purpose dust collectors focusing on performance, compactness and safety
  • Wastewater treatment facilities for steel surface processing, contributing to water quality maintenance and environment protection

and more!

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Dust collector