Sinto’s Potential

From micro-processing technology used in state-of-the-art industries to support for a clean and comfortable work environment, Sinto provides the tools and know-how to find the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Below are just a handful of ways in which Sinto’s products and technologies can contribute to businesses in a variety of industries. Let us know how we can serve you!


The future of casting and better casting production.

“We want to achieve light, thin, net-shape casting, something that has never been possible before.” “We want to achieve unmanned, fully-automatic casting factories that bring together all information related to casting.”

The future of casting is changing through our efforts to make more competitive foundry operations.

  1. IoT platform for integrated management of various data in a foundry plant
  2. Control technologies for achieving near-net-shape casting
  3. Shape evaluation technologies to eliminate quality defects
surface treatment


The potential of products with functional and unique surfaces.

Surface processing not only adds functionality but also transforms a product’s size, shape, and weight.

  1. Peening process that gives new value to materials and supports advanced fields
  2. High-precision micro-processing that exceeds even laser processing
  3. Polishing technology that can achieve rounded edges and deburring of tiny, delicate parts


Enabling comfort for workers and workplaces.

Imagine workers able to perform work comfortably, without cumbersome equipment or stress.

Control the comfort of the entire work environment with clean air, safe floors, and purified water.

  1. Flow control technology for efficient collection of gas and dust
  2. Countermeasures against dust explosions and fires to protect workers
  3. Floors with high functionality and cleanliness that contribute to a safe and comfortable work environment


New initiatives that change the future

From our beginnings in the foundry business, we have pursued new technologies and businesses for surface treatment and environmental equipment.

Now, aiming to create a future in which people can prosper, we are establishing new businesses in even more fields.

  1. Six-axis force sensor that gives robots a nuanced sense of force
  2. Servo cylinder for precise movement in limited space
  3. Ceramic straight edge for high-precision processing on the micron level
  4. Ceramic 3D printing technology used in aerospace and medical fields