Aeration Sand Filling Technology

With Sinto's aeration sand filling technology, low-pressure air fluidizes the green sand in the tank and fills the sand smoothly and uniformly into every cavity and corner of the pattern. This allows for primary sand filling that ensures high accuracy and uniformly high strength.

Production defects are reduced even with the production of complex shapes as a result of high-quality casting with superior dimensional accuracy, less weight dispersion, and no mismatching. This contributes to the long life and reliability of your products.

Sinto's aeration sand filling technology has won many awards, including:

  • Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry:
    Preferential tax treatment as an energy saving machine.
  • Japan Machinery Federation: Recognition of Outstanding Energy-saving Equipment.
  • Society of Plant Engineers Japan: Monozukuri Grand Prix.
  • 19th Sokeizai Industrial Technology Award: Minister of M.E.T.I. Award.

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