V-Process Technology

Sinto's propriety technology, the V-Process, is widely appreciated for its high dimensional accuracy and for the high-quality surfaces of castings produced. The process involves vacuum suction of sand sealed by a plastic film, and it can be used for molding large-sized products at reduced production cost. We are proud that the V-Process, which we invented in 1972, has been adopted in over 200 production lines in 20 countries. It is being used all over the world in all kinds of configurations.

V-Process technology ensures smooth cast surfaces and excellent dimensional accuracy, significantly reducing the subsequent finishing processes and ultimately contributing to high-quality and low-cost production. It also contributes to high production efficiency with easy sand filling and disassembly, and to environmental preservation, using dry sand with no binders leading to environmentally friendly casting with less waste and hazardous gas emissions.

A piano frame and a counterweight are just a couple of the large, complex products made possible with the V-Process.

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