Who We Are

Since its foundation in 1934, Sinto has been committed to developing the most innovative technologies in order to supply the best foundry equipment in the process materials industry.

This is based on: "Giving Form and Life to Process Materials."

Overview and Profile

Read an overview about the Sinto Group: Sinto's philosophy, main industries, and corporate profile.

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History of Sinto

Sinto began in 1934 as a supplier of foundry technology under the name Kubota Seisakusho, Ltd. (Kubota Works) in Nagoya, Japan. Learn more about our journey since then to become one of the most trusted suppliers worldwide.

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Sinto Brand

The origin of the name Sinto, our brand slogan, and our corporate philosophy HEART: learn more about what makes Sinto unique.

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Message from the President

Sinto President Atsushi Nagai shares a message about Sinto's vision as a worldwide manufacturer.

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