Overview and Profile

Since its foundation in 1934, Sinto has been committed to developing the most innovative technologies in order to supply the best foundry equipment in the process materials industry. This is based on: "Giving Form and Life to Process Materials."

As a result, Sinto has become the world's largest and most trusted manufacturer of foundry equipment. Sinto is able to offer sophisticated foundry technologies for improving casting quality, productivity and the work environment. Sinto has applied its experience and know-how of foundry technology to related fields, such as surface treatment, environmental equipment, and other applications, such as mechatronics, powder treatment, testing & measurement, ceramics, and material handling.

Sinto was founded in Nagoya, Japan under the name Kubota Seisakusho, Ltd. (Kubota Works). The headquarters remains in Nagoya but the Global Sinto Network now extends to a group of 53 companies in 18 countries and regions, with 4,089 employees worldwide.


Financial Data

During fiscal year 2018 (ended March 31, 2019), the world economy continued its moderate growth overall, with moderate growth in the US and a positive shift in capital investment in China, as well as a moderate increase in consumption in Europe. Within Japan, exports weakened slightly, but there was firm growth overall, with a recovery in personal consumption and favorable business performance. Regarding the Sinto Group’s business environment, there was steady growth in capital investment for Japanese auto-related companies overseas. In Japan, investment in streamlining and labor savings expanded in response to labor shortages.

Under these conditions, Sinto had an order volume of ¥112,134 million (3.6% increase from the previous fiscal year), net sales of ¥110,076 million (5.6% increase), and order backlog of ¥40,659 million (5.3% increase). For income, with a decreased cost rate, operating income was ¥5,586 million (16.4% increase), and with the influence of foreign exchange gain and loss, income before income taxes was ¥6,487 million (8.2% increase). However, due to tax effects on top of decreased gains from the sale of fixed assets, net income attributable to shareholders of the parent company fell to ¥5,412 million (10.2% decrease).

Net Sales

Sales by Division