Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. (China)

“Sinto's equipment is characterized by high precision, high efficiency, energy saving, less trouble, and easy maintenance.”

The world's leading manufacturer specializing in turbochargers

Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a specialized manufacturer of turbochargers in the world.
On January 5th 2018, Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Their products are widely available in international markets and are used by most famous automobile manufacturers at home and abroad, occupying 12% of the world share, making us No. 1 in China and No. 3 in the world.

Sinto is a strategic supplier of casting equipment

Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. has 9 lines in the casting field.
Four of the cast iron lines are made by Sinto. In addition, eight Sinto automatic pouring machines, five molten metal transfer lines, and 13 shot blasting machines have been adopted.
Sinto is a strategic supplier of casting equipment for Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd.

High precision, high efficiency, energy saving, less trouble, and easy maintenance are the characteristics of Sinto equipment. The drive system of the molding line has progressed from pneumatic to hydraulic and servo motors. Pattern changeover has also been improved from manual to automatic. Over the past decade, Sinto's technological advancement and improvement in the level of professional design have been returned to Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd.

We have many expectations for Sinto in the future.

Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. expects a lot from Sinto: to debut many new products in the future, to provide excellent facilities and equipment to foundry makers, and at the same time, further strengthening its after-sales service, enhancing its technical leadership, improving its remote response capability. Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. has much to look forward to in Sinto.

Company Profile

Company Profile
Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd.
Sinto machine: 
Molding line, Automatic pouring machine,
Shotblasting machine