The DNA of craftsmanship will survive the ages

Atushi Nagai

What is the basis for Sinto’s manufacturing? It is our enthusiasm for “Giving Form and Life to Process Materials” that we have learned through casting.

Every industrial product is made from process materials which is given form and life (Function) by raw materials made from natural resources.

Sinto has made constant progress as a foundry equipment manufacturer since our foundation in 1934. Throughout our long history of casting, we have accumulated many skills and knowledge and continue to grow by applying and developing the skills and know-how in various formed and fabricated material areas in addition to casting as our main business.

Sinto’s craftsmanship has been appreciated for our total capacity as a plant engineering manufacturer combining “3-in-1” + α; “Machinery and equipment” integrating the latest technologies; high quality “Shot, abrasives, and consumables” that maximize the performance of the machinery and equipment; and “Support for stable operation” for maintaining high performance through “Environment and safety” and “Know-how”.

Through the increase of market borderlessness, Sinto’s customers have expanded overseas rapidly and manufacturing has been spread worldwide. Sinto aims to be the company that keeps making a proposal that our customers can do optimum manufacturing anywhere in the world and that our customers always choose.

Our mission is to respond to the customer and market needs precisely and to deliver new value to our worldwide customers through manufacturing. We inherit our predecessors’ DNA of craftsmanship and combine and integrate new technologies, knowledge, and original ideas to further develop technologies and products that will open up a new era in our industry.