What We Do

New Harmony>>New Solutions™

Tackling customer issues together and providing new solutions.

Our mission is to bring new value to customers globally through manufacturing.

We must respond rapidly and effectively to customer and market needs in the midst of increasing globalization and technological revolutions. Fusing our decades of foundry, surface treatment, and environmental business manufacturing experience with new technologies, we are positioned to be a leader in a new era of business.

Where we are going, we see opportunities for growth and collaboration in many industries.

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Sinto’s Potential

From micro-processing technology used in state-of-the-art industries to support for a clean and comfortable work environment, Sinto provides the tools and know-how to find the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Reliable Support

We offer wide-ranging proposals for our customers’ stable production, from diagnosis, analysis, and monitoring of equipment to recovery support in emergency situations.

To realize our goal of a zero downtime facility, we have grown closer to our customers.

Reliable Support


Sinto’s influence reaches a wide variety of industries, perhaps in unexpected ways.