Shipping plays an important role in marine transportation, which is increasing year by year. Sinto’s machines contribute to various processes related to shipbuilding, from surface preparation of steel plates to reformation of the processes. Explore below to see how Sinto contributes to the shipbuilding industry.

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Foundry »

Self-hardening foundry plants provide solutions for larger castings, production efficiency improvement and environment protection, employing the most advanced foundry technologies.

Surface Treatment »

Various shot blasting machines are available to descale and remove sand from engine blocks and frames, medium castings such as anchors and shafts, and more.

Surface Treatment »

Airblasting machines/rooms are used for surface preparation before coating products, finished into 100-300 ton casting blocks.

Surface Treatment »

Blasting machines are used for surface preparation of steel plates and sections, pretreatment for coating, hull repair, and coating removal.

Surface Treatment »

Sinto equipment is capable of processing steel plates and sections varying in size and thickness with minimal energy required.