KUHN S.A. (France)

"All of the challenges we had were resolved."

A worldwide operating group for agricultural machines

KUHN is a worldwide operating group that manufactures agricultural machines. They also produce castings related to agricultural equipment, and along with castings for their own business, they also receive requests from other companies.

KUHN's foundry philosophy is to be an integrated foundry with flexibility and quality even for small quantities and low weights.

"All of the challenges we had were resolved."

KUHN's foundry is equipped with three molding machines. One of those three needed to be replaced. KUHN had two requirements for the new machine: they wanted to use their existing pattern plates and also use the old foundations of the machine. They needed to install a new machine in a limited space. Several suppliers were considered, but ultimately they found the best solution with Heinrich Wagner Sinto, and they decided to install the tight flask molding machine ACE.

Because the ACE machine requires less space, they were able to reuse their existing equipment, such as the sand system and the conveyors. They were also able to use their pattern plates without major modifications, allowing for the manufacturing of high-quality moldings at low cost. The installation itself was the best installation they had ever seen, and because the first molds were well compacted already, they were able to start pouring molds on the first day of operation. KUHN's foundry director Mr. Ancel spoke happily on the matter. "All of the challenges we had were resolved. Construction and startup all went very well, and we are very satisfied."

A machine that will continue to work for 20 or 30 years

The recently purchased tight flask molding machine ACE is currently adjusted for one cycle, but it still has room to do more. Even if one of the other machines stops working, they can increase the output of the ACE machine to make up for it. Mr. Ancel also has this in mind. "Today we don't need to increase the cycles, but this is a good plan in case one of the other machines retires in the future. Just like the other machines from Heinrich Wagner Sinto, we hope this machine lasts for 20 or 30 years."

Company Profile

Company Profile
Number of Employees: 
env. 5200 (KUHN group)
Agricultural machinery
Sinto machine: 
Tight Flask Molding Machine ACE,
Tight Flask Molding Machine EFA